Amory Lovins

Amory Lovins

This Foundation has been deeply influenced by the work of Amory Lovins, now half-time at Stanford in both the Doerr School’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Precourt Institute for Energy. He's also the cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute, with offices in Boulder and Basalt (Colorado), New York, DC, Oakland, and Beijing.

Amory's Commencement Remarks at the Natural Science School within the University of California at Berkeley in 2011 were deeply inspirational for us. You can read the full document here or its update here, but we'll quote from the final paragraph:

"So with the world so finely balanced between fear and hope, with the outcome in suspense and a whiff of

imminent shift in the air, let us choose to add the

small stubborn ounces of our weight on the side of applied hope."