About the Applied Hope Foundation

Producing safe water first - but that's just a start

Clean drinking water is the start of what we do. We then continue to create conditions that help provide what FDR described in 1941: "The right to live a safe, healthy, stable, and fulfilling life, free from want and free from fear."

Globally there are about 1.7 billion cases of childhood diarrhea each year, and it kills half a million children under age 5. Access to safe drinking water can save many of those children, and can be the difference between a life spent battling sickness every day and a life where the future is full of healthy possibilities.

Contact us to discuss your safe water needs and to tell us about new technologies, in any sector, that you're excited about. We like to learn and we have the ability to test ideas in rigorous venues with independent evaluators. 

AHF is a US 501c3 charitable foundation registered as a Public Benefit corporation in California, with offices in San Diego and Seattle. Our Federal EIN is 86-3535596

Global work

Our most active project for 2023-2025 is our support of the Kwajalein Atoll Sustainability Laboratory in the Marshall Islands. Their research in climate adaptation science and engineering for highly vulnerable populations is ambitious, multi-sectoral, integrative, inclusive, and accessible.

We're also supporting work in the coastal cities of Yemen, within the rural communities and urban slums of Chile, and within the indigenous villages of the Yucatan International Bioreserve in Mexico. 

We also maintain close relationships with our past work sites in Nepal, in southwest Haiti, and in the rural villages of Puerto Rico.

Our efforts in Ukraine

AHF has close ties to Ukraine and we've a deep interest in contributing to their victory in Putin's War. As a charitable foundation our interest is in non-lethal support, so we've chosen to focus on the construction of shelters for vulnerable families.
Move Ukraine Shelters (appliedhopefoundation.earth)

We would be very grateful if you would follow this link to the MoveUkraine site and make a donation.